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MyDirectAccess Comprehensive Medical Discount Plan FAQ

There are many reasons to consider a Comprehensive Medical Discount Plan from DirectAccess. We have attempted to answer some of the more frequently asked questions (faq's) that clients have asked in the past regarding HSA's and DirectAccess.

Q:  Should I consider DirectAccess if I am currently on a major medical insurance plan?
A:  DirectAccess offers discounts for services that may not be covered on your current major medical insurance plan.  You may also want to be treated by a healthcare provider that is not contracted with your major medical insurance plan but does offer discounts to DirectAccess subscribers. 

Q:  How do I pay for my DirectAccess subscription?
A:  You can pay by credit card, debit card, or ECheck.

Q:  What if I only need DirectAccess to act as my HSA administrator? 
A:  DirectAccess does offer an “HSA Administration Only” option for only $4.95 per month.  This will include the HSA account, debit card, and HSA tools offered to DirectAccess subscribers.

Q:  Does DirectAccess impose any waiting periods for pre-existing conditions?
A:  No.  DirectAccess is not insurance coverage.  All discounts and services are available immediately upon your effective date.

Q:  Can I be denied coverage by DirectAccess for medical problems?
A:  No.  DirectAccess is a medical discount plan, not an insurance plan.  No medical questions are asked as part of the registration process.

Q:  What if I already have an existing Health Savings Account? 
A:  You can have multiple HSA’s but may want to consolidate into one HSA for simplicity.  If you would like to transfer your existing Health Savings Account assets to a new DirectAccess HSA, you can print off a “transfer request” form in the DirectAccess registration portal.

Q:  How do I know if my healthcare provider participates with DirectAccess? 
A: You can go to the provider search link in the DirectAccess Solutions portal.  But keep in mind that DirectAccess is an “open panel” network.  Call us to nominate your healthcare provider as a DirectAccess provider and we will get him contracted.

MyDirectAccess is the premier web portal that allows members to lower out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare services by as much as 40% off customary healthcare expenses.  MyDirectAccess is not health insurance.  It is a way to join many Americans who are taking charge of the way they will spend their healthcare dollars. 


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